• Lineriders is the world leader in leak detection at the pre-commissioning / Post-Turnaround phase of any pressurized system. We conduct traditional helium leak detection, ultrasonic and flir infrared optical gas imaging.We developed a proprietary process that uses carbon-based gases (CO, CO2, Methane) as a tracer gas in Nitrogen that is then imaged with infrared. This process takes 1/5 the time of a helium inspection, is less labor intensive, just as effective and much safer.Our process can put projects ahead of, or back on schedule without compromising quality or safety. With pressure on costs, our system delivers.

    We pride ourselves on conducting the most technologically advanced inspections in the world that assure facilities go into production leak free. Our proactive approach assures all leaks are identified before Construction personnel have left thereby assuring fulfillment.

  • Delivering our mixtures, or creating them onsite, allows us to apply our proprietary tracer gas mixes for use in flir infrared leak detection at start-up.