• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• Absorbent Pad, Gas Detectors
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Waste Management
• Marine Safety

Dealing With Leaks, Fugitive Emissions And Flare Measurement.

(Investors are increasingly sensitive to best practices geared towards keeping emission low – GHG.) We are part of that Equation from start-up all the way through to the production as we conduct all your inspection. Our Analysis Software is the Proof. Climate change is a real thing… Read More

Pre-Commissioning / Start-Up Leaks Detection

Lineriders is the world leader in leak detection at the pre-commissioning / Post-Turnaround phase of any pressurized system. We conduct traditional helium leak detection, ultrasonic and flir infrared optical gas imaging.We developed a proprietary process that uses carbon-based… Read More

Fugitive Management Software Solutions

From Insight Emissions, allow us to automate the collection, distribution and analysis of fugitive emission data. By capturing the data, creating a serialized inspection report and tag, we pave the way for your regulatory and corporate strategies and accurate financial analysis… Read More

Fugitive Emission Management

The price on carbon is here. Whether simple single leak identification, or a complex multi-camera inspection/quantification with an online database where financial and regulatory analysis can be conducted, we have an inspection package for every budget. Infrared Optical Gas Imaging: We only use…. Read More

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