Ensuring the utmost functionality of an asset with 100% safety of the lives of personnel and environment.
Pipeline Repair and Rehabilitation

Hot-tapping and Plugging, Online Leak sealing Repairs, Online Composite Repairs, Line Intervention services, Onsite Machining and flange facing, Online & Offline welding services
Valves Repair & Maintenance Services

Buy Phentermine Rx Leaks Arresting using the Valve sealer Technology

  • Preventative Maintenance (PM) & Valve Commissioning Procedures
  • An Introduction to Safe Valve Maintenance
  • Sealant Injection Pumping Equipment
  • Identify Dangerous Fittings
  • Common Corrosion Problems & Solutions
  • Working Principles & Sealing Techniques for BALL, GATE & PLUG Valves
  • Typical Valve Maintenance Routines

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Safe Working Behind Leaking Valves- Safe Isolation to prevent complete shutdown of the entire asset for repairs to happen by using the DBB Saver Technology in conjunction with Valvetight BV.

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  • 100% leakage Stoppage
  • Reduced Risk
  • Online Monitor
  • Cost Saving

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  • Process isolation of any type of equipment using valves and primairly with gas as a medium (e.g. Natural Gas, Hydrogen, etc.)
  • Liquids becoming gasious under atmospheric conditions, e.g. LPG, LNG, etc. and oil or other liquids with liquid removal tool

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When valve(s) are leaking beyond acceptable leak rate, and valve repair results in unacceptable outage or is just not possible, what are your options?

    1. Boundary isolation & depressurization further upstream, resulting in major outage
    2. Postpone the planned work
    3. Inject grease (leakage will reappear suddenly) or sealants (often in case of emergency, somtimes rendering valves useless for future operation)
    4. (Accept the leakage and continue with the planned work. Remaining risk must be ALARP)

Dilemma IJEyCoT0gnvmKKUvc1m0ShzhptX390jLE0GCg8Rjb5yi VlMUGIwrFlj1rDoaIb2GDCFLj0H2fKfqiKGlpHIHvg62EICRlcPdDHkIRXGJkBrk7mZOp5b/DvOAUTgMw7dMdKXFUCFyTaBJOGi12QvuKGVD87KaGfKy80m8/Wxum7R47G9aUziTxwN86CxyVmMlKVW1NEQDwr8sHk0i4clqd5uHTcKYv6R0fvH6BL8Dey3FgCMJdmghneXWvxVIezk35XtTRm2GnyRTbCh5vhSMusI6w7UfXMKnSgVe/PPqcb25f1qtNw/9EXg2EgE=
  • No favourable solution available
  • The leaking valve(s) must be repaired, which involves depressurized headers and associated plant outage
  • Keeping downtime to a minimum requires considerable investment in spare valves and components
  • New or repaired valves often fail again
    • Leakage caused by, for example
      • sand or foreign particles (e.g. corrosion or welding butts) in pipelines
      • Elastic or plastic deformation in sealing surface
      • Seats stuck in seat pockets (no piston effect anymore)
      • leakage over secundairy seals (O-ring damage)
      • corrosion and deposit of corrosion products
    • Root cause of failure often is not mitigated with repair onlyPractically impossible to prevent all root causes (!) The Solution !<_Tales_and_Novels_in_verse<_v2_p130.jpg
  • A vacuum lock is created in the bleed area, reversing dP over the second block
  • Gas leak through the second block has become physically impossible!
  • 100% tightness guaranteed as long as vacuum in bleed section is maintained
  • The vacuum is automatically controlled and continuously monitored (no human intervention)
  • A new step in reaching the highest level of safety, using best available technology.
  • Truly ALARP!

Phentermine Where To Buy Uk FABRIC MAINTENANCE Canadian Phentermine Online We offer turn-key services across the lifecycle of a facility within the oil, gas, marine and energy sector. Some of these services are plant rehabilitation, scaffolding Operations and maintenance services, inspection services, painting and coating, grit blasting, hydro blasting, non-destructive testing, corrosion control services, procurement/inventory management, diving and ROV services, Fabrication/ Pipeline Construction, Clean Spool

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Fabric Maintenance services incorporate activities that maximize your asset uptime and prolong the useful life of the asset through interventions such as
1. Complete removal of old and degraded anti-corrosion materials.
2. Effective surface preparation and cleaning, including tank and pipe cleaning.
3. The application of new, fully proven coating systems.
4. The removal and replacement of old insulation materials to allow the refurbishment of failed coatings underneath.

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