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We provide engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance solutions in the following area:
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Strategically positioned to source products that are key in the activities of our clients:

  • Rotating and Static Equipment
  • Wellhead and Christmas Tree
  • Pipes, OCTG, Flanges
  • Gaskets, Bolts and Nuts
  • Hoses and Umbilical Hoses
  • Lift rafts, Buoyancy, Drone, Mooring Rope, Marine Fenders
  • Instrumentation, Electrical & Control Tools

Safe Isolation
The DBB-SAVER is used to fully prevent any leakage through either a Double Block & Bleed valve configuration or through a Single Isolation valve (e.g. ball, gate or plug valve).
The solution prevents complete shutdown of the entire asset for maintenance purposes.

  • 100% Leakage Stoppage
  • Reduced Risk
  • Online Monitor
  • Cost Savings


  • Gas Application
  • Liquified Gas Application
  • Liquid Application
  • Offshore Application

Supply of valve automation systems to Exploration and Production contractors, Oil and Gas companies, Valve Manufacturers and Valve Dealers.

  • Spacx Actuators
  • Bettis Actuators
  • Biffi Actuators
  • Elomatic Actuators
  • Hytork Actuators
  • Control Systems
  • Switchboxes/Valve Position Monitors

As an independent solution provider, we can automate any brand, size and type of valve.

Spacx Actuators & Controls is a distributor of Emerson Bettis, Biffi, Elomatic and Hytork actuators and manufacturer of Spacx Actuators like: Rotary Actuators, Linear Actuators, Rack & Pinion Actuators, Other Actuator Solutions, Solenoid Control and Specials

Leak detection services on facilities and pipelines anywhere in the world.

  • Pre-Commissioning Leak Detection
  • Start-up Leak Detection
  • Post-Turnaround phase of any pressurized system
  • Fugitive Emission Management
  • Pipeline Services

The leader in well temperature control. Stay cool while drilling deeper with the high-flow Drill Cool mud coolers!

  • Freshwater Geo-Cooler
  • Seawater FX Geo Cooler
  • Chiller

Benefits of Managing Surface Temperature

  • Decreased Rig Downtime
  • Increased Safety to Rig Personnel 1st degree burns can occur on exposed skin after just a few seconds of contact with fluids in excess of 140° F (>60° C)
  • Reduce Mean Time Between Failures of Surface Equipment Elastomer Components – BOP Pump Expendables Seals Fluids exceeding 180°F (>82°C)
  • Reduced Corrosion
  • Lower Drilling Fluid Maintenance Costs
  • Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) Management.

The best Mud Cooling Systems worldwide and has focused on controlling wellbore temperatures through the cooling of drilling fluid at the surface. Drill Cool provides unique solutions for controlling the temperature of drilling fluids for oil, gas and geothermal operations though out the world.

Global leader in Dropped Object prevention. Addressing dropped object risks to make the workplace environment safer.

Dropsafe’s solutions have been adopted worldwide by more than 300 leading businesses across sectors including Oil & Gas, Mining, Marine, Power and Renewables.

The solutions that companies need to mitigate the risks Dropped Objects pose to their people, equipment, finances and reputation; increasing awareness and addressing these risks to make workplace environments safer:

  • Dropsafe Barrier
  • Dropsafe Net
  • Dropsafe Pouch
  • Dropsafe Barricade
  • Dropsafe Accessories

We have access to the full range of:

  • Shell Lubricants
  • Exxon Mobil Lubricants
  • Maxoline Lubricants
  • BP/Castrol Lubricants
  • Total Lubricants
  • Motul Lubricants
  • Fuchs Lubricants
  • Kluber Lubricants
  • Caterpillar Oil
  • John Deere Oil
  • Mercedes/BMW Oil

Supply of Valves

  • Merwede Special Valves
  • Trunnion and Floating ball valves (Size range: ½” up to 72”/ ANSI pressure class: 150# up to 2500#)
  • CHECK Valves Swing (½” -56”)
  • Globe Valve
  • Check Valves
  • Offloading/Loading Valves
  • Instrumentation Valves
  • Gate Valves
  • Through Conduit Gate Valves
  • Butterfly Valves

Valve Maintenance
Total Valve Care, our program avoids changing out a damaged valve and avoids unplanned shutdown situations.

  • Valve Maintenance Products
  • Online Valve Lubrication & Sealing
  • On-site repairs for both large and small operations
  • Lubrication/emergency sealing fitting
  • Injection of 100% synthetic lubricants or sealant.
  • Lubrication Equipment
  • Valve Modification (Building Specials out of Standard Valves)
  • Maintenance of Valves and Pressure Equipment
  • Specialized Welding


Pump Selection and Supply, Design, Construct, Commissioning and Maintenance all through Life Cycle.

Complete pump solutions for the following applications: Fluid Handling Pumps, Water Injection Pumps, Recycle Pumps, Skim Pumps, Condensate Pumps, Fluid Transfer and Pipeline, Shipping and Loading/Offloading, LACT Units, Metering Skids, Multiphase Systems and NGL/Condensate Booster

  • Complete pump solutions
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • On-Site and Shop Repair Services
  • Pump packages
  • Engineering Procurement Construction Management
  • Replacement parts
  • Pumps and Unitized Pumps Supply
  • Steam Technology
  • Maintenance of Steam and other Pressurized Equipment

Centrifugal Pumps * Oilfield Jet Pumps * Screw Pumps * Plunger/Piston Pumps * HPS Pumps * Chemical Pumps.

  • Pipelines- Gas, Liquid, Multi-phase
  • Greenfield, Brownfield or Management of Change Projects
  • Gathering Lines, Sales lines (gas, liquid, multiphase (sweet and sour))
  • Crossings (HDD and pull through)
  • Pipeline Leak Detection System
  • Leak and Theft Detection Systems Installation
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Hot Tapping & Plugging, 3D Site & Piping
  • Pipelines Remote Monitoring
  • Pipeline Remote Corrosion Monitoring and Prevention Solution

We have state of the art solution for monitoring and prevention of corrosion in Pipelines, Storage Tanks and Power Plants. One of our key competence is handling the challenges of corrosion protection of buried oil and gas pipelines under conditions of electrical interference.

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