• From Insight Emissions, allow us to automate the collection, distribution and analysis of fugitive emission data. By capturing the data, creating a serialized inspection report and tag, we pave the way for your regulatory and corporate strategies and accurate financial analysis.Helium:For those who use only a Nitrogen/Helium mixture, we are able to deploy our rugged helium detection system and identify leaks on pipelines and facilities without fear of poisonous or explosive gases.

    Ultrasonic/Acoustic: Some air, steam or gas leaks can’t be identified any other way other than by listening for the leak with sensitive instruments. Our system allows us to hear leaks even in the noisiest of environments. Often overlooked is losses from internal valve leaks where marketable product goes to flare. Ultrasonic can “hear” these leaks.

    Surface Casing Vent Flow: Estimates of 40+% of all oil and gas wells have some form of leakage. SCVF refers to the movement of gases between the production and surface casing and then venting to atmosphere. We identify the vent, determine the vent rate and memorialize it in our Insight Emissions software platform