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Whether simple single leak identification, or a complex multi-camera inspection/quantification with an online database where financial and regulatory analysis can be conducted, we have an inspection package for every budget.

Infrared Optical Gas Imaging: We only use the newest gas detection cameras on the market. Crews are typically deployed with 2 cameras and 2 qualified and seasoned technicians.

Laser Methane Detection: Each crew utilizes 2 separate Laser Methane Detection instruments with accuracy as low as .1ppm. Our hand-held units are right out of science fiction as they can “shoot” a laser at an area of concern from 30 meters away and determine the gas concentrations. With “sniffer” style LMDs, that can be interfaced with a GPS system, we are able to perform over-the-line pipeline surveys with unheard of accuracy and speed, year-round on foot, ATV, snowmobile and horseback.

Quantifying: Each crew has an instrument, that measures the amount of gas lost on almost every emission source. These intrinsically safe instruments can tell us in SCFM what the leak output is to within +/- 5% giving us accurate data to be recorded, analysed and managed.